Maritime History Expert writer, editor and consultant - Denis Stonham



My specialisation lies in the history of the merchant service during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but I have knowledge and competence which ranges widely across the story of seafaring, seamanship and ships. I am available for consultation and welcome opportunities to contribute to any project within my field of interest and expertise.

Writing and editing

I am happy to prepare texts for purposes of maritime historical journalism and can comment on current developments in contemporary sail, the restoration and preservation of ships, replica vessels and maritime museums. I can be commissioned to write articles but also will act on a freelance basis as editor of books and articles for journals on maritime topics.

Broadcasting, film and theatre, publicity projects

Documentary and feature films connected with the sea, radio broadcasts, theatre productions and all manner of publicity and promotional projects with a maritime theme benefit from informed advice and I can be contacted in any instance requiring guidance.

Maritime Heritage Magazine Cover


Commissions for research into aspects of maritime history for any purpose are welcome and I am familiar with the principal sources for this work. Increasingly, maritime museums are turning to expertise not available in-house when preparing gallery displays and exhibitions. I am able to offer consultancy and research which would be of value to work of this nature.

Sale rooms

The preparation of entries for catalogues accompanying sales of maritime artefacts is an area where my knowledge and capabilities would be of particular value.

Administrative support

I am Secretary to the Old Gaffers Association (the association for gaff-rig sailing) and I am happy to consider opportunities for similar administrative assistance to organisations with a nautical purpose.